do you guys plan to continue translating Dansui?

Yes yes we are. :D There’s volume 02 now actually ;)

Posted 5 months ago
You guys are a gift from the gods. *weeps all over the fluffy djs, sobs even more at the MidoTaka in the future projects* thank yooooooou~

Wait what? Midotaka in the future projects?? Where?

Ah yes. We have more don’t we? B) Thank you sweetheart and you’re welcome! Spread the fluff around /o/

Posted 5 months ago with 2 notes
hello, it's almost a month since i received your last reply. i just want to make sue that you didnt forget about me wanted to download that midotaka dojin by gusari...

Hello! Sorry about that. Been really busy with work and didn’t have the time to find someone who uses Windows. Anyhoo kindly refer here again and this goes out to everyone who have troubles downloading/extracting the MidoTaka doujin: Let’s give this another try shall we?